Mental Heal Circle

Welcome to the "Mental Heal" circle page!

A pink-haired girl is holding a heart staff and shouting ''Heal!''

Everyone has a mental health! We're all about acknowledging one's issues and trying to move through life in a constructive manner. All of the participating webpages contain some form of constructive coping. This may be in the form of resource lists, vent art, writing, or other means.

While the theme of this circle is "constructive coping" some member sites may contain artistic depictions of motifs or talk about topics that may be triggering to some. Whether trigger warnings are used or not is at the discretion of each website owner.

Circle Members


softheartclinic site banner

Site Description: Contains cute graphics, a digital blanket fort, pages on retro video games, cute vent art, and various fun stuff.

Birds and Stars

Birds and Stars site banner

Site Description: A site with a pastel aesthetic and a focus on childhood nostalgia, art, Pokemon, and classic anime/manga, with dedicated sections for calming resources, Islamic healing, and things to cheer you up.

Let's Learn Together

Let's Learn Together site banner

Site Description: Let's Learn Together is a place where we can explore the Universe through a wide range of topics, from science to spirituality! We sincerely hope that the ideas that are shared here can be useful to you. ♥

How to join:

Comment on this neocities profile if you'd like to join the circle! Once you're added, make sure to display the circle banner somewhere on your site. The banner can be found below.


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