Struggling to read?

Here are links to tools you can use if you're finding this website (and maybe others) difficult to read.

Dyslexia browser extensions

People have developed extensions that change the fond on websites you visit into fonts dyslectic people often find easier to read.

Caution: I can't make any guarantees about the linked extensions! Do some research and check reviews to ensure the extension you install is reputable.

Chrome web store search results for dyslexia extensions

Firefox addon search results for dyslexia extensions

Zoom functions

If the text is too small, the zoom capability of your browser may help.

On computers you can zoom by holding CTRL and rolling your mouse wheel up to zoom in. Hold CTRL and roll down to zoom out again. Or you can press CTRL and + at the same time (zoom in). Use CTRL and - to zoom out.

On mobile devices, zooming in and out is commonly done by doing a reverse pinching/pinching motion against the screen.

Please note that the site isn't optimized for mobile devices, so not everything may work as well as on a computer!