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three chibi nurses bobbing their heads a computer screen shows a heart fading in and out a pink plaster with a heart the middle bobs up and down the plunger on a small syringe is pressed, releasing a heart into the air a pink and light yellow star bobs up and down a striped tote bag bobs up and down a pink candy bobs up and down a round, pink jelly wobbles up and down a small bunny is sticking is head up a pink cloud sparkles

(you can use the banners on your page, just don't claim them as your own)

banner with the text 'existentially exhausted' banner with the text 'sad girl' banner with the text 'sad boy' banner with the text 'sad angel' banner featuring pink clouds and the text 'soft' banner with the text 'hang in there'

(little charms for good luck - feel free to use but please don't claim them as your own)

pink 4 leaf clover pink 4 leaf clover, upscaled