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small box with the text 'care' small box with the text 'hope' small box with the text 'relief' small box with the text 'self-love'
a sad girl with tear-shaped highlights in her hair is sinking into dark water a happy girl with a heart-shaped halo is catching snowflakes a smiling girl with a heart-shaped halo. she wears a shawl that makes her look like she has angel wings. a crying girl, hearts are melting in the background, there's text reading ''Here I am living another day, killing them with 
cuteness and kindness'' a girl is looking down and crying and it looks like her hair and torso are melting a girl is folding her hands and has closed her eyes, above her hands is a small heart containing the text 'hope' a girl sits on the ground with her head down, superimposed on her is a text box that reads 'Warning! Motivation.exe was not found. Action cannot be completed' a girl is wearing a smiling mask but her body is breaking into pieces a girl is melting and her eyes contain the text 'aaaaa' a girl is typing on a keyboard that is melting, she has tears in her eyes