Sonic Boom Episode Summaries

Below are summaries of plots for most of the episodes in season one.

Episode 11 - Eggheads

The episode begins with Eggman unveiling a dramatic new invention... which produces cookies. Evil cookies. One of Eggman's robots leaves the cookies on Sonic's porch for him to eat, but through a series of mishaps all of the cookies end up being eaten by Sonic's friends instead. The cookies turn Sonic's friends into evil geniuses and Eggman proceeds to train them in the ways of evil. However, Orbotad Cubot alert Sonic ask for help and Sonic crashes the training session. Sonic's friends attack him, attempting to capture him. They manage to corner him but then start arguing over thanks to whom they managed to capture Sonic. A fight breaks out and Sonic drags Eggman to safety, commenting that the scheme didn't work out as he planned. Sonic spots Eggman's invention and uses it to create a Sonic cookie that he feeds Eggman who gains Sonic's speed and heroic disposition. With Eggman on his side Sonic manages to create cookies that return his friends to normal. Eggman looks forward to working together with everyone as a team, until Sonic feeds him an Eggman cookie that returns him to his evil ways.

Episode 12 - Guilt Tripping

The episode begind with Sonic and Tails racing on hoverboards built by the latter. They happen upon some bandits robbing a tiny village. Of course Sonic and Tails immediately drive off the bandits. The villagers begin to express their gratitude but do so in ways that involve obvious guilt tripping. Sonic and Tails attempt to sneak away once night falls, but they're stopped by villagers who ask if there's anything they can get the pair. In addition to offering to create some sandwiches to send the duo off with the villagers mention the bandit threat and Sonic and Tails resolve to create a defense system so that they can leave with a clean conscience. However, the plan fails when the villagers themselves trigger the defense system and get caught in the traps. Sonic then decides that it's time to fight guilt with more guilt. A standoff between the village chief and Sonic and Tails ensues with both parties trying to out-guilt the other. Sonic and Tails eventually win under the pretense that their helpless houseplants need watering. Happy to have succeeded Sonic and Tails make their way home. However, once they arrive they're greeted by all the villagers who have done them "favors" that are not actually helpful. Sonic talks to the villagers about it but is interrupted by Doctor Eggman showing up with some badniks. Sonic and Tails are having trouble fighting with the villagers around, and so they decide to fight in the air using their hoverboards instead. Once the battle is over Eggman complains about not winning. Sonic says that it would be terrible if Eggman made off with their new teammates, which leads Eggman to take in the villagers and now is the one stuck with them.

Episode 13 - Let's Play Musical Friends

Eggman is chatting to a new evil genius friend of his. Orbot and Cubot feel neglected and decide to strike out on their own and make new friends. The pair approach Sonic's friends but all of them make excuses not to spend time with the robots. The robots end up at Tails' house, but even Tails decides he's had enough and leaves them with a computer to play on. The robots fight over the computer but stop when it detects Eggman's new evil genius friend installing a virus in Eggman's lair. The robots rush to warn Eggman, but it's already too late. Eggman's now ex-friend reveals that he's planning to use Eggman's tech to destroy the entire world. Orbot and Cubot rush to Sonic and friends and request their help. Sonic and the gang hold off Eggman's badniks that are being controlled by the virus while Tails connects Orbot and Cubot to his computer and sends them to infiltrate Eggman's network. The robots make it through to the evil genius virus but neither of them wants to fight him, so they play Rock, Donut, Thursday to determine who has to face the evil genius. However, they start arguing about the rules of their game, which is so illogical that the evil genius virus encounters a fatal error and shorts out. With the evil genius friend out of the way, Sonic and Eggman schedule their next confrontation the following week.

Episode 14 - Double Doomsday

Sonic and friends are waiting on their meal at a fast food place. Eggman also arrives and the cashier, Dave, claims Eggman was in line before Sonic and the others. Eggman taunts the group about not having received their food yet. Dave eventually comes over to Eggman and tells him that he's a big fan. Eggman takes Dave on as an intern. Orbot is searching for Cubot who has gone missing. He does find him - in pieces. Meanwhile, Tails is testing a device that can reverse any force. Orbot approaches Sonic and Tails for help to reassemble Cubot. Dave asks Eggman about doing some more evil tasks. When Eggman tells him to give it a few more weeks Dave enraged. In his rage he activates a doomsday device. Eggman decides to respond in turn and activates a doomsday device of his own. Tails detects the two energy signatures on his computer and realizes that they can only be doomsday devices. Sonic and Tails rush to the lair, aiming to make Eggman and Dave increase the power of their doomsday devices so that they can cancel each other out. The plan works and the devices cancel each other out, but they also create a black hole in the process. Tails realizes that thhey can use his new device to neutralize the black hole, but it has to be done with fast. He leaves the task to Sonic who saves the day. Eggman ends up firing Dave and Orbot and Cubot return into his service. Dave is shown to be back working at the fast food place.

Episode 15 - Fortress of Squalitude

The episode begins with Eggman going through his mail. He receives a letter that informs that his lair will be considered for a featured in a magazine. A photographer's assistant will be coming to inspect the lair the following day, so Eggman puts Orbot and Cubot on cleaning duty. However, the inspector is not impressed and tells Eggman that his lair isn't modern enough. Eggman decides to hire Amy to redecorate his lair. Frustrated that Sonic and his friends are unable to appreciate her decorating efforts, Amy agrees to take on the ยจ job. Eggman is skeptical about Amy's approach but when the inspector arrives he loves it, upon which Eggman attempts to take credit for the work. Amy is not having it. She tells Eggman to supervise himself and attempts to leave, but Eggman captures her in a trap. Sonic and friends decide that it's about time they checked on Amy. They break into the lair and Sonic admits to Amy that they actually do appreciate her hard work. Sonic and friends fight their way out. The magazine photographer arrives just in time to witness Eggman's freshly trashed lair.

Episode 16 - Sleeping Giant

Sonic is out in the desert pulling along Knuckles on a parachute. Knuckles bumps into several rock walls and the commotion wakes a rock giant who goes on a rampage, also putting Tails's Tornado out of commission. Eggman sees what is happening on one of his security cameras and resolves to make the giant his minion. Tails observes the giant's movements and reasons that it might suffer from insomnia, causing Sonic and friends to attempt to help the giant fall sleep. They discover that Sticks' singing which sounds horrible to everyone else actually puts the giant to sleep, but it falls asleep in the middle of the road. Sonic picks up Sticks, tells her to keep singing, and runs past the giant who wakes up and follows them. Just when the task of making the giant fall asleep in a safe spot is accomplished Eggman attacks with his beebots and attempts to capture the giant. Eggman fails and leaves, but the gang notice that Sticks is missing and realize that the giant took her. They go looking but are unable to find her. Tails' disasterometer then picks up Sticks' singing and they are able to locate her whereabouts, which happens to be in a high-up, hard to reach place. Unable to use the Tornado Sonic pulls along Amy and Knuckles on parachutes who are then able to grab Sticks. The giant immediately gives chase. It eventually winds up at Eggman's new meditation garden where it starts rampaging. Tails realizes that his disasterometer recorded Sticks singing and he's put the sound on an endless loop so that the giant finally can fall asleep. The episode ends with Eggman resolving to rebuild his meditation garden and incorporate the giant into it.

Episode 17 - Curse of the Cross Eyed Moose

Sticks is fetching water when she encounters a cross eyed moose. She screams and runs to tell the rest of the gang that crossing paths with a cross eyed moose curses the crosser and their friends. Amy and Tails eventually find their homes surrounded by Sticks's traps. The gang go to confront sticks who tells them that they have to find a rare monkey in order to lift the curse. They begin the search for the monkey, which is complicated by the fact that Sticks avoids the main road in favor of more challenging routes in order to avoid evil spirits and the like. Ragged and exhausted, they eventually make it to the monkey's house. The monkey is fed up with constantly being sought out by people who think they are cursed and refuses to do anything, stating that he's out of the curse- breaking business. The rest of the gang get ready to return home but Sticks begs the monkey to help her. The monkey says that Sonic and friends must complete a series of tasks to prove that they are worthy. The first task revolves around gathering and processing food items, while the second is to wash the monkey's clothes. Meanwhile, Eggman drops by to recruit the curse breaker. When this one refuses the proposal Eggman sends his badniks to attack. Sonic and friends return with the freshly laundered clothes. The monkey agrees to do anything Sonic and friends want if they just get rid of Eggman. Once Eggman is beaten to a retreat the mokey performs a nonsense ceremony to lift the curse. However, once they're on their way home sticks enconters a spider she believes to bring elevent years of bad luck and starts to freak out, but this time Knuckles makes a hand motion and declares the curse broken.

Episode 18 - Aim Low

Sonic and friends have just defeated Eggman again, but Eggman announces that he has one more trick up his sleeve and summons a second contraption. However, Sonic defeats it before it even can warm up. Dejected, Eggman leaves. The gang talk about how Eggman hasn't been giving it his all lately. Eggman returns home and turns on the TV, which happens to be showing an advertisement for a seminar by Soar the Eagle that teaches how to "soar like an Eagle". He is intrigued and signs up. After the initial seminar Eggman ends up hiring soar as his personal motivational coach. With Soar's help Eggman rebuilds his confidence by gradually moving from small evil deeds to bigger ones. Satisfied with his recent sucesses Eggman fires Soar. However, once Eggman is on his own he finds that he has difficulty choosing between plans - and even what to eat for lunch. Over at Sonic's the gang are building sandcastles on the beach. Sonic comments that they haven't seen Eggman in a while and goes to check on him in case he's up to something. He finds Eggman lounging in his pajamas. Sonic eventually grows bored of life without fighting Eggman. He goes to hand out with his friends but accidentally causes trouble for each of them. Sonic's friends make it their mission to remotivate Eggman so that Sonic can have an outlet. They go to Eggman's lair and try to get something started but Eggman is only interested in watching TV. Tails calls Sonic over, saying there's a battle going on. The gang pretend to be defeated by Eggman but Sonic sees through their act. Eggman insults Amy's plan which leads to Sonic arguing with him, ultimately restoring his motivation.

Episode 19 - Sole Power

Sonic and Tails are out in the desert where Tails is demonstrating one of his new inventions to Sonic, a voice-controlled vehicle. After the vehicle gets Sonic's voice command wrong and gives him vanilla ice cream instead of chocolate and spills chocolate sauce on his head Sonic declares the invention a failure and runs home. However, Sonic is now producing a sound when he runs that causes Tails to scream, which sends the vehicle out of control. Sonic returns just in time to save Tails and the vehicle from falling into a lava pit. Tails decides to run some tests to figure out what's wrong with Sonic, but he's having trouble finding the cause of the sound. He instructs Sonic to not run until they've figured it out. Sonic is hanging out with his friends but when badniks attack he can't use his super speed because the sound distracts his friends. When he tries to cheer on his friends in battle it backfires and they end up tying him to a tree. Sonic feels unneeded and is joined by Eggman. Eggman tells Sonic that the badnik attack was accidentally caused by Orbot and Cubot hitting a button while they were dusting the lair, causing Eggman to feel unnecessary. Eggman tells Sonic that he can talk to him about his problems, which Sonic's friends object to. Eggman thinks that the noise problem sounds familiar and proceeds to run some tests on Sonic, eventually offering Sonic some specially designed shoes to fix the problem. Able to use his super speed again Sonic returns to his friends. Then a large robot shows up and Eggman announces that he has in fact lured Sonic into a trap. It turns out that the shoes Eggman gave to Sonic are absorbing the energy that is generates when he runs at super speed and using it to power the robot. Sonic tries to take off the shoes but finds that they are stuck to his feet. It turns out that the sound Sonic seeemed to be producing was actually caused by Eggman in order to make Sonic accept the new shoes. Sonic eventually figure out that if he keeps running at super speed he may produce enough energy to overload the robot. The robot explodes and the day is saved.

Episode 20 - Cowbot

Sonic and friends are playing a game on the beach, which involves Knuckles tossing Sonic at a palm tree in an effort to knock down as many coconuts as possible. Just after Sonic and Knuckles set a new record Eggman swoops in to announce his new invention, cowbot. Sonic and friends are not impressed. Before he leaves Eggman explains that cowbot is filled with plutonium, making it so that Sonic and the others can't go the usual route of destroying the robot. Cowbot begins firing at the gang, breaking Knuckles' coconut record in the process. Sonic distracts cowbot while the others tip it over so that Tails can gain access to the robot and reprogram it. As a result, cowbot ends up flying away. Tails realizes that since he reversed the programming cowbot must now be out to destroy Eggman. Initially reluctant, Sonic agrees to warn Eggman. In the process Sonic and Tails learn that they've activated cowbot's stage two directive, which means that they now have to upgrade Eggman's defense system in order to stop cowbot. They finish upgrading the defenses but still have to wait for cowbot to make it to the island due to its slow speed. Meanwhile Sonice and Tails try to pass the time with Eggman, eating snacks, watching TV, and playing games. Come nightfall cowbot still hasn't made it to Eggman's lair and they eat marshmallows around a campfire. In the morning Eggman wakes to cowbot combarding the force field they previously set up. The three try to put their plan to defeat cowbot into action but encounter difficulties due to marshmallows gunking up their machinery. Tails realizes that this can be used against cowbot. Eggman catapults Sonic onto cowbot where he opens the access panel and pours melted marshmallows inside. Once they're victorious Eggman gloats that he has tricked Sonic and Tails into upgrading his security system, upon which the pair quickly disable all the newly built tech with melted marshmallows.

Episode 21 - The Meteor

The episode begins with Sonic and friends relaxing on the beach at night when a meteor crashes on the island. The gang go to investigate and encounter Eggman. Eggman tries to call dibs on the stone but Sonic points out that he must be touching it to call dibs. Eggman and Sonic end up touching the stone at the same time and a reaction happens. Sonic comes to in Eggman's lair, disovering that he is now stuck in Eggman's body. In the same vein, Eggman is now controlling Sonic's body. Meanwhile, Tails is investigating the stone. Sonic tries to convince Orbot and Cubot that he's not Eggman but they don't believe him. Eggman practices and becomes accustomes to making use of Sonic's super speed. When "Eggman" is nice to Orbot and Cubot they eventually begin to suspect that it may actually be someone else. Meanwhile Eggman plots to destroy Sonic and his friends but finds that his schedule is taken up by activities with Sonic's friends. Sonic goes to see his friends and tries to convince them that he's in Eggman's body, but he is unsuccessful and they attack him. Orbot and Cubot make an escape, taking Sonic with them. Sonic brings Eggman's badniks to take on Eggman but orders them to not hurt anyone. Tails discovers that the stone causes two individuals who touch it simultaneously to switch brains. Tails hurries back and explains the situation, but Eggman doesn't switch back to his original body. Sonic threatens to cut off Eggman's mustache, which freaks Eggman out to the point where he runs to touch the stone and both return to their original bodies.

Episode 22 - Dude, Where's My Eggman?

Cubot and Orbot wake up and find that they are unable to remember what happened to them the night before. Turns out that Eggman is missing. They ask Sonic and Knuckles whom they learn fought Eggman the day before. Knuckles retells the story, casting himself as the hero. Sonic tells them that Eggman retreated to the marketplace. A shopkeeper tells Cubot and Orbot that Eggman tried to return a broken umbrella (destroyed in the fight against Sonic and Knuckles). They ask a police officer about further leads, listing the basic characteristics of Eggman and learn that he is in jail. The robotic duo begin their quest to raise bail money. After several failures they try to break Eggman out by force but break out a walrus instead. They escape with the walrus who tells them that his name is Willy and that he gets mistaken for Eggman all the time. Furthermore, he broke into a helium warehouse with Eggman the previous night. At the warehouse Cubot and Orbot find Eggman's disintegrator ray along with his moustache, leading them to think that Eggman is gone. Devastated, they return to the lair where Eggman surprises them with a party - complete with a pin the moustache on the Eggman game. The reason they didn't remember anything is that Eggman erased their memories so he could have them prepare the party and still have it be a surprise.

Episode 23 - How to Succeed in Evil Without Really Trying

Sticks is picking berries for a pie, but she's worried about being spied on. When Tails passes by she pretends not to know anything about it and leaves. Tails decides to offer his help picking berries and goes off to build an invention to help with the task. He returns with a machine that chews the trees whole and leaves only their berries. A mysterious organization, one of their spies having posed as a tree, are watching a clip of Tails's machine in action and decide that they want to recruit the inventor. While Tails is replanting the orchard the members hand him an invitation to their secret society, the Lightning Bolt Society. When Tails says he can't come because he has to replant the orchard one of the society member uses his gun to quickly finish replanting the orchard. At his lair Eggman is playing a game and receives an alert about the Lightning Bolt Society, whom he considers pests because they've been raiding his trash, initiating Tails into their group. Sonic and friends return from their pie party only to find Tails gone and the seeds growing into mutant plant monsters. Sonic and Amy go to look for Tails while Sticks and Knuckles keep the plants in check. Once Tails realizes what the society is about he explains to them that he's not evil. Just then Sonic and Amy make their entrance, as well as does Eggman. Eggman manages to convince the society to attack Sonic and Amy, but not having any weapons they opt for using food instead. They quickly run out and the fight ends. The society members approach Eggman for autographs and Sonic and Amy use this as their chance to leave with Tails. Sonic and Amy then rejoin Knuckles and Sticks and fight off the mutant plants. Tails brings in his invention that previously destroyed the orchard and quickly finishes the job.

Episode 24 - Don't Judge Me

Sonic and friends are fighting Eggman's new invention, Mothbot. They quickly win the fight. The following day Sonic and Tails are enjoying a supersized sandwich by Sonic is approached by someone who tells him that Eggman is suing him. At the trial Eggman is pretending to be injured annd acting the victim to garner sympathy. The judge turns out to be a robot who claims to have been programmed to be fair and impartial. Eggman has a lawyer on his side who twists any testimony in favor of Eggman, and Eggman is showing fabricated evidence of himself being kind. Sonic thinks the trial is a joke and picked Knuckles to be his lawwyer, which is doing him no favors. Just as the robot is about to hand down the verdict Amy makes her entrance. Surprised, Eggman forgets to fake his injury. Once Eggman realizes that the jig is up he sends in his badniks.

Episode 25 - Hedgehog Day

The episode starts with a calm morning in Eggman's lair. Orbot brings Eggman breakfast in celebration of the new weapon that Eggman finally is going to defeat Sonic with, the Egg Tank. Meanwhile Sonic and friends are setting up a movie screening. They start watching a movie starring Comedy Chimp and are having fun when Eggman attacks. Eggman activates his new super weapon, which shoots a ball of energy that Amy reditects by hitting it with her piko hammer. However, Eggman prepared for this and now activates his super duper weapon, which shoots another energy ball. The two energy balls end up colliding at the same time that a lightning bolt hits them and a reaction takes place. It is now morning and Eggman wakes up and the events of the past morning repeat themselves. Eggman eventually realizes that he is reliving the same day over and over. He eventually theorizes that he can advance to the next day if he avoids going into battle, so that the reaction doesn't repeat. It doesn't work and Eggman relives another familiar morning. This time Eggman decides that the time loop may not be so bad - he can use it to refine his attack on Sonic until he can perfect it. He steals Sonic and friends' movies to interfere with their movie night and has crab bots fight Amy for her hammer. Eggman succeeds in hitting Sonic with the super weapon and captures him, but time promptly resets to morning again. He eventually can't take any more of reliving the same day over and over and tries to think of a solution. He eventually realizes he can't do it alone and approaches Sonic and Tails. Over the course of several more loops he is able to obtain Tails's help. They conclude that a super dense shell to contain the anomaly is in order, but they also have to make Knuckles move the shell, which proves to be a challenge. Turns out that Knuckles doesn't want to fix the time loop because he has a dentist appointment the following day. Amy tries to convince him but then Sticks lunges at Knuckles and knocks out his bad tooth. Problem solved, they are successful in stopping the loop and Eggman is finally able to experience a new day.

Episode 26 - Dr. Eggman's Tomato Sauce

Tails has been spending a lot of time tinkering with the Tornado, so Sonic and friends get him to join them on a trip to the village. They run into Eggman selling tomato sauce that actually turns out to be delicious. Still, Tails decides to buy some cans and run tests on them. Tails is unable to detect anything suspicious about the sauce and Amy suggests that Eggman may really have changed. Eggman is starting to make a name for himself and accumulate fans, much to Sonic's annoyance. For some reason, everyone's tech suddenly starts breaking. Tails needs a break so Sonic and friends decide to go to lunch. Meanwhile, one of the cans of tomato soup reveals itself as actually being a robot. At the food court Sonic and the others witness a broadcast of Eggman being interviewed about his career change by Comedy Chimp. However, Eggman then announces that it was the cans everyone should have been lookign out for - they're robots that Eggman has used to take control of everyone's electrical devices. The can-controlled devices suddenly begin to cause havoc. Sonic and the others successfully fight the devices for a while but then the hijacked Tornado turns up. Sonic says they have to destroy the plane but Tails refuses and tries to talk to the plane. Tails tells the others to go fight Eggman while he saves his plane. He manages to regain control of the Tornado and rejoins Sonic and the others at a critical moment in the fight against Eggman. Tails manages to snatch the master control device from Eggman which he then uses to power down the can-robots that were controlling everything, saving the day.

Episode 27 - Robot Battle Royale

Tails introduces his new invention, the super antenna. When placed on a TV it enables picking up broadcasts from the past. Knuckles points out that it also makes a great back scratcher, to which Sonic comments that it looks like there's another inventor in town. Now fancying himself an inventor, Knuckles tries to join Tails for a collaboration. Tails is reluctant. Knuckles then proceeds to ask if he can invent things that Tails already has invented, as well as claiming several knockoffs as his own inventions, like the Scissors2000. Knuckles challenges Tails to take part in a robot battle competition for inventors. After some convincing Tails decides to join. However, on the day of the competition it turns out that Eggman is also taking part. The first battle is Tails's Hypnobot against Dave's fry bot. Tails easily wins the fight. Several other battles featuring various robots follow. Once it's Knuckles's turn his robot Vacuufan2000 manages to miss the opponent and break apart on its own. The final battle is Tails vs Eggman, but Hypnobot powers down at the start of the match. Turns out that Eggman obtained the override code. Now controlling Hypnobot, Eggman is headed to Tails' workshop to take control of all his other inventions. Knuckles is trying to offer suggestions to Tails who immediately rejects them. Knuckles gets annoyed and eventually vents his annoyance and in the process happens to give Tails an idea. Knuckles's robot is too simple to have an AI and thus can't be affected by Hypnobot. He tells Knuckles to come along - they have work to do. Tails is placed inside of Knucles' Vacuufan2000 and uses it to get close enough to regain control of Hypnobot. Hypnobot makes all the robots dance and once again the day is saved. Sonic remarks that with Hypnobot around Eggman's robots will never be a problem again, upon which a Puppybot from the tournament jumps on top of Hypnobot and causes it to explode.

Episode 28 - It Wasn't Me, It Was the One-Armed Hedgehog

The episode begins with Eggman singing and dusting his robot part collection. However, his day quickly turns sour when he discovers that his particle accelerator has been stolen. Cut to Eggman talking to a police officer. Eggman accuses Sonic of being the thief. Evidence suggesting Sonic's guilt surfaces and just as the police are about to arrest Sonic he declares that he's going to catch the real thief and clear his name. He then takes off. Several of the villagers are at the town hall complaining about Sonic having stolen things from them. Knuckles declares that he is going to catch Sonic. Meanwhile, Sonic has donned a disguise and is doing some part time work. During a break a worker, Earl, mentions a fellow that came through town in a hurry recently and headed for the East Forest. Just then someone throws a horseshoe that accidentally hits the worker, knocking him out. Knuckles is searching for Sonic in the jungle, the villagers that had items stolen from them following him to offer their help. A doctor tells Sonic that he has to collect a pink orchid from the West Forest if he wants to help Earl. Knuckles catches up with Sonic and puts a basket over his head, not recognizing him as Sonic. Once Sonic tells Knuckles who he is Knuckles admits to knowing that Sonic is not guilty, but that he doesn't want to lose a valuable member of the team. The pair return to the doctor where Sonic drops off the root, but the villagers previously following Knuckles spot the two. Sonic takes off with Knuckles in a hurry and the villagers wrongly conclude that Sonic is taking Knuckles hostage. In the forest Sonic and Knuckles encounter Metal Sonic. Knuckles attempts to fight Metal Sonic but is knocked out. Metal Sonic then causes half the roof of a shack to collapse on Sonic, but Sonic makes it out. Sonic then sees that Metal Sonic is in possession of Eggman's particle accelerator. Metal Sonic chases Sonic for a while. Sonic pretends to be tired and stops, prompting Metal Sonic to start recharging himself. Sonic then reveals that it was just an act and throws a horseshoe at the particle accelerator, causing it to malfunction and take down Metal Sonic. Sonic collects the accelerator and all the other stolen items and returs to the village. When Eggman tries to reason that Sonic having the items proves he stole them Earl arrives with the powered down Metal Sonic, and Sonic explains that Metal Sonic was the real thief and that Eggman framed him. Eggman takes Metal Sonic and the particle accelerator and hurriedly leaves.

Episode 29 - Eggman the Auteur

Sonic and Tails run to investigate when a huge rumble shakes the town and find one of Eggman's robots causing a scene. They take it down but are yelled at by Eggman who says he is producing a movie. Eggman offers Sonic a role as himself in the film, but Sonic turns down the offer knowing that Eggman's movie will be bad. Soon after Amy comes to fetch Sonic at his house. Eggman is casting Dave the intern as Sonic, and neither Sonic nor Amy are happy with the portrayal. Eggman offers Sonic the option to have creative input on his character if he takes the role after all. Amy agrees on Sonic's behalf and states thhat she'll be his manager. The work on the movie resumes and Knuckles ends up being hired as Sonic's stunt double, who has to endure plenty of abuse. Sonic approaches Eggman as he is reviewing the footage and points out several aspects of the script that don't make sense. Later Sonic discusses the script with Tails who makes a number of changes. The next day Sonic presents the revised script to Eggman. Eggman rejects the new script, causing Sonic to walk out. Sonic is relaxing at home when Orbot and Cubot approach him and beg him to stop Eggman. They tell Sonic that Eggman is just using the movie as a ruse so that he can drill under the set and mine rare unaquireum, which he will use to build a new robot army and throw out all the old ones - including Orbot and Cubot. Sonic hurries off tio fight Eggman's robots. Once Sonic defeats the robot Eggman proudly announces that the ruse actually was a double ruse and he's going to use the footage of Sonic fighting in his film. The day of the film screening eventually arrives. Once the film starts the viewers begin laughing at the scenes. Eggman is frustrated, complaining to Orbot and Cubot that the movie was supposed to hypnotize everyone. Orbot points out that Eggman forgot to install his Movie Mind Slaver device in the camera. Eggman declares his triple ruse a failure and orders everyone out. He proceeds to watch the movie by himself, actually quite proud of it.

Episode 30 - Chili Dog Day

Sonic is going to be judging a chili dog competition and everyone is eager to win. Knuckles presents his secret weapon, a one-of-a-kind pepper. However, it turns out that several others have bought one-of-a-kind peppers and they are actually a dime a dozen. Knuckles goes into the forest and manages to obtain a really strong pepper, however Eggman shows up at the competition with a device that can extract and concentrate the flavor of a pepper. The disheartened Knuckles is lured into buying a one-of-a-kind map from the shady pepper seller, which is supposed to lead to a rare lost pepper. While the others cook for the competition Knuckles braves various obstacles until he finally reaches his destination where he encounters a clan of walking, talking peppers. The peppers think that Knuckles is the oaf of legend who will help them reclaim their lost land. Knuckles ends up charging into the chili dog cooking competition with the peppers riding on him. Sonic points out that Knuckles is attacking his friends and the pepper clan leader tells Knuckles that he must choose between old and new friends. When the pepper clan leader lunges for Sonic Knuckles uses a pot lid to deflect him. The chief ends up flying into one of a contestant's cauldron, which reminds him of the hot springs of old that the clan used to rule over. Turns out that the pepper people can have a nice hot soak in the cauldrons, which in turn flavors everyone's chilies. The chief asks what they plan to do with the chilies and declares the truce over when Sonic says they want to eat it, but Sonic quickly feeds the chief a chili dog. The chief finds it to be delicious and order is restored. Sonic declares Knuckles the winner of the contest. The world begins to blur and it turns out that Knuckles was actually just passed out in the forest after taking a bite of that very strong pepper he found. The cook-off was the day before and Sonic and friends have been looking for Knuckles ever since then.

Episode 31 - Chez Amy

After the local Meh Burger gets her order wrong, Amy decides that she can do better and wants to open her own restaurant. The restaurant is packed with locals as soon as it opens, much to the frustration of Dave the intern. Dave tries to lure Amy's customers away by introducing a gimmick, but Amy counters by introducing her own. And such, the gimmick war begins. Dave's next move is to shoot burgers directly into the mouths of Amy's customers, to which Amy devises a plan for how to deliver food directly into the customer's stomach. Sonic tells Amy that she has lost sight of her original goal, which Amy denies and states that she's doing it to destroy Dave the intern. Disappointed by her behavior, Sonic and friends leave. Eggman orders a burger at Meh Burger but is disgusted by the sloppy service. He comes to Amy's restaurant instead, where only the disheartened Amy is left, and orders a sandwich. Eggman is impressed and asks why the restaurant is empty. Eggman claims that he knows how to bring in customers and suggests they team up. The next day Amy's restaurant is packed and she asks Eggman how he did it. Eggman tells her that he blew up Meh Burger and Amy is disgusted. Amy feels bad for Dave and hires him. Eggman is the first to order from Dave, who is still offering his usual sloppy service. Dave eventually angers Eggman to the point where Eggman calls in his robot army to destroy Dave, wrecking Amy's restaurant in the process. Amy tries to fight off the badniks on her own but there are too many, so she calls for help from Sonic and the rest of the gang. Even so, the restaurant is trashed by the time they manage to defeat them. Sonic and friends rebuild Meh Burger and Amy decides to leave the food service to Dave.

Episode 32 - Two Good to Be True

A second Knuckles shows up and his personality is the opposite of normal Knuckles. Tails eventually reasons that alternate Knuckles may be from a alternate dimension. The gang make alternate Knuckles wear a party hat so they can easily tell them apart. Alternate Knuckles tells the gang how he was sent to their world and goes to Eggman's lair to find the technology that can send him back. Knuckles grows very weak and collapses. Tails realizes that the presence of two Knuckleses is too much for their world and is creating an anomaly that will destroy their world if they don't act quickly. Alternate Knuckles also experiences a moment of weakness, which Eggman uses to capture him. Sonic and friends rush to get a hold of alternate Knuckles so that they can fix the situation. Sonic explains the situation to Eggman and asks if they can borrow his lasers so Tails can send other Knuckles back and save the day. Eggman agrees and Tails configures the lasers to send alternate Knuckles back to his own world.

Episode 33 - Late Fees

Amy calls Sonic and tells him that he has to return a book he borrowed from her to the library, or else she will have to pay late fees. Sonic sets out with plenty of time to spare but runs into all sorts of situations that slow him down. At one point Sonnic accidentally cuts in line at the fast food place and orders the last chili dog, causing him to have to get a chili dog for Eggman from a warehouse two towns over. However, Eggman also wants relish so Sonic has to make a second trip. However, the delays keep piling up and soon Sonic has to go to the library first. On the way he encounters Eggman who is angry that Sonic is delivering a book and not getting Eggman's relish, so he attacks Sonic and calls in his badniks. Sonic's friends arrive to help and fight off the badniks. With seven seconds to spare, Sonic knocks on the library's door. It turns out they've closed early for the day as the librarian is taking his assistant to get chili dogs. At the mention of chili dogs Eggman turns around and fires one last angry barrage of shots. When he leaves it turns out that he blasted a hole in the library's wall, and Sonic is able to return the book on time after all.

Episode 34 - Bro-Down Showdown

Amy is leaving to receive a "Most Selfless" award that she nominated herself for. Sonic and Knuckles ask if they can stay at her place in the meantime. Amy is reluctant but eventually relents on the condition that they don't cause trouble. As soon as Amy is gone Sonic and Knuckles begin to play rough games. At some point they stop for a nacho break but Knuckles drops his nacho on the couch, creating a stain. Sonic tries to remove the stain using grape soda but that only makes it worse. The TV then shows an ad for a program named Brodown Showdown, where teams compete to see who knows their bro the best. The prize just so happens to be a brand new couch. Sonic and Knuckles decide to join in order to win Amy a new couch. Once they're at the audition Sonic and Knuckles are passed over, but Eggman who is also in line begins to bicker with Sonic, upon which the producer decides to have Sonic and Eggman join the competition as a team. The two actually do reasonably well at the competition and have a shot at winning. Knuckles and his teammate drop out of the competition as a result of ending up with the lowest score. Sonic and Eggmann keep doing well but an Eggman robot then attacks the town. Because bros are not allowed to fight and Sonic fighting Eggman's robot would technically mean he's fighting Eggman himself Sonic would be disqualified if he went to defend the town. Knuckles does his best to hold off the robot, however Sonic eventually decides that enough is enough and joins Knuckles in taking down the robot. As a result, Sonic and Eggman's team are disqualified and a different team wins the couch. When Amy returns Sonic and Knuckles blow up the couch with arocket and claim it to be Eggman's doing.

Episode 35 - Into the Wilderness

Amy outlines her plans for a lengthy trek, and Sticks says she has to teach Amy some survival skills. Sonic claims that he should be the one to teach Amy survival skills after all that Eggman's thrown at him. Sonic and Sticks decide to compete to see who is the best at teaching survival skills. Sticks suggest they race to Hidden Meadows as it'll take serious survival skills. Sticks tries to teach Amy some basic skills but Amy is more concerned with making things aesthetically appealing. While not a huge success, she does pick up some things. Sonic and Knuckles on the other hand are so hopelessly inept that the girls end up feeling bad for them and offer them a carrot. Sonic decides that they can just follow the girls and cross the finish line before them. However, the girls don't wake them up the next morning and they find themselves lost. The girls feel bad for them again and leave clues to lead Sonic and Knuckles along, some of which work and some of which don't. When they're placing a trail of fruit to lead Sonic and Knuckles they fall into a hidden missile silo belonging to Eggman. Sonic and Knuckles pass by but decide that they'll cross the finish line before they return to rescue the girls. Sticks rewires the missile and instructs Amy to place the rest of their food on the missile control panel. She them proceeds to use a bird call to lure in a wild bird to peck at the buttons. The girls ride the missile and drop down using parachutes made out of their tent, crossing the finish line before Sonic and Knuckles. When asked where the missile is headed Sticks mentions that she's set it to return to the sender - meaning it hits Eggman's lab.

Episode 36 - Mayor Knuckles

The mayor wants to go on a fishing trip and needs someone to take over his duties in the meantime. Knuckles happens to walk in and the mayor decides that he will be his replacement. Knuckles approves all the villagers' incoming requests uncritically, and chaos soon breaks loose. Even Eggman is experiencing trouble, his garbage isn't being collected because the garbage collector has requested a vacation. Eggman teams up with Sonic and friends to confront the person behind everything. When they try to fight Knuckles he makes their weapons illegal, but then his stamp runs out of ink and Knuckles throws it away. Eggman picks it up and Sonic tells him to destroy it, but Eggman refuses because now he can make the laws of the village. However, Eggman still needs to find the correct form in order to cut the garbage collector's vacation short. Eggman calls in his badniks to find the form. Knuckles destroys the badniks, but not before one of them hands Eggman the form. Orbot arrives with the Octopus bot to provide ink. Just as Eggman is about to stamp the form, Sticks pries a part off a destroyed badnik and tosses it at the stamp, destroying it. The mayor then returns and everyone is relieved that things will be going back to normal.

Episode 37 - Eggman Unplugged

Sonic and the others are playing a practical joke on Knuckles and Eggman happens to be spying on them using his Flybot. Upon noticing Flybot, Sonic suggests they go hang out at the canyon where a big boulder could roll off the cliff and crush them. Sonic's friends proceed to emphasize how dangerous that boulder is. Eggman heads to the canyon and pushes the boulder down, but the boulder lands on a seesaw that sends a tub of whipped cream to land on Eggman's head. Sonic tells him that they fed him false information, and Tails says he fed Flybot a false video feed. Eggman decides to unplug all of his technology excluding Orbot and Cubot, then he begins to learn how to carry out tasks without it. He also abandons his lair, when the Lightning Bolt Society learns of this they decide to take over the lair. Dave the intern and another member end up fighting over a control stick, setting off various devices in the lair and eventually sending Octobot on a very random rampage in the village. Amy wonders if Eggman has gone back to his old tricks, but he is trying to wash laundry in the river. When they try to control the volume in Eggman's lair the Lightning Bolt Society accidentally launch a missile, and set loose a swarm of Beebots as they attempt to order pizza. Sonic goes to see Eggman and tells him to stop the attacks. Cubot accesses Eggman's computer and learns that the lair has been taken over. Sonic goes to throw them out, Eggman joining him when the Lightning Bolt Society accidentally deactivate Orbot and Cubot. Eggman tells Sonic and friends about a secret entrance, but it turns out that Eggman fed them false information this time. When the Lightning Bolt Society threaten them with weapons Eggman uses his tech to disable them. He then reactivates Orbot and Cubot and gets to work on restoring his defense systems to normal.

Episode 38 - Beyond the Valley of the Cubots

Tails finds that his tools are missing. Sonic and Tails go to confront Eggman but find that Eggman's tools are also missing. Since the culprit isn't Eggman Sonic decides to set a trap. Meanwhile Eggman sends out Orbot and Cubot to investigate a band of renegade robots who he suspects of being the thieves. Orbot and Cubot eventually find the renegades which all turn out to be Cubot prototypes, meaning that they function even worse than Cubot. When one of them began to malfunction they stole tools and electronics in an attempt to fix her. The prototypes ask Orbot and Cubot to help with the fixing, and Orbot suggests approaching Tails. Orbot and Cubot wake Sonic and Tails who dozed off while watching their trap. Tails decides to help, and the Cubots return Tails's tools. Cubot decides to stay and lead the prototypes while Orbot returns to Eggman, mentioning that Cubot decided to stay with the renegades. Eggman goes to retrieve Cubot and destroy the prototypes. Sonic and Tails fight Eggman and save the prototypes. Orbot claims that it's not an attack but a rescue mission, and that Eggman wanted Cubot back because he's the perfect robot. Cubot runs up and hugs Eggman, which causes him to press a wrong button which costs him the fight. Sonic and Tails move the prototypes to a safer location so that Eggman won't be able to find them later on, while Cubot and Orbot are back at the lair mopping the floor.

Episode 39 - Just a Guy

To be added

Episode 40 - Late Night Wars

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Episode 41 - Role Models

Sonic and friends receive a role model award for saving the village for the millionth time. The villagers soon decide that the gang aren't acting like proper role models and the mayor hires someone to teach them how to be proper role models. Meanwhile, Eggman is disgruntled at not receiving an award and attempts to request one from the mayor. In spite of his efforts he is unsuccessful. Sticks eventually grows tired of the role model training, destroys her award, and walks out. Later, a villager comes by Sonic's house and requests help to drive off Eggman who is attacking once again, at this point having decided that if no one's giving him an award he may as well steal one. The role model instructor insists on Sonic and friends wearing protective gear, as well as battling it out with words rather than weapons. Unsurprisingly this strategy doesn't work on Eggman. Sticks eventually appears, uses her boomerang to wrap a vine around the role model consultant and send him flying, and lures a pair of kids who were watching the fight to the food court. Now that the coast is clear Sonic and friends easily beat Eggman back, and Sonic concludes that being a role model is overrated.

Episode 42 - New Year's Retribution

Sonic and friends are preparing for their new year's party when Eggman attacks. They quickly beat him back. Back at his lair Eggman is in low spirits because he hasn't achieved his new year's resolution - to beat Sonic at least once.