Creature Raising 🐣

A page to track my progress of raising creatures in different games.

Chao (Sonic Adventure 2 Battle)

It's Slime Time! (Stardew Valley)

The Basics

This is Katie. She REALLY likes slimes. (Note: For the purpose of this run I will assume that all slimes defeated in the mine are simply knocked out. As for the slime globs falling off... let's just assume they're capable of quick regeneration. The fact that big slimes turn into smaller slimes when hit should indicate that they're a rather hardy species, right?)

Current Goals:

  • Collect 10 000g, 500 stone, 10 refined quartz and 1 iridium bar to build the slime hutch
  • Knock out 1000 slimes to get the slime ring
  • Figure out how to build a slime incubator and a slime egg press
  • Humble Beginnings

    As many journeys do, this one begins with yearning...

    Thankfully, Katie's wait pays off and the mine eventually opens.

    It quickly becomes clear that this quest will not be without dangers.

    And thus begins Katie's hard work in the mine.

    She's eventually able to buy herself a bigger backpack with the money she earned from mining - a much needed quality of life upgrade! It sets her 2000 g back from her goal to collect 10 000, but she reasons that this is an investment she'll make back before long.