The internet can be a wonderful place, but...
Sometimes you just need a break.
Yeah, it can get kind of stressful.
Let's take some time to ourselves and then get back to it, okay?
I think that would be healthy... yeah.


Digital Habits

An attempt to improve on my digital habits and use the internet more constructively.

a girl uses a laptop to browse the internet

There are many good things about the internet but there are massive amounts of information available, which can be a lot to process. Frequent notifications on messengers and various sites condition us to keep checking on them.

an arrow points down from a wifi symbol, another arrow points up to various creative supplies


Set aside dedicated offline time

Actively search for content rather than letting algorithms suggest it

Spend less time idly browsing, instead do creative activities or read.


Screen-free breakfasts are refreshing.

Social interaction by text is also draining. Limiting my amount of online socialization enables higher quality interactions.

Browsing restrictions mean that I start to draw instead when I feel bored enough.

Checking Discord servers or various websites for new messages/updates had become a knee-jerk response when I felt uneasy or on edge. I'm working on redirecting this to healthier alternatives.