Healer Shrine

✚ This shrine is a little different from the others.

✚ It's a collection of healer characters/classes from a variety of games.

Remedy (Princess Remedy in a World of Hurt)

Princess Remedy in a World of Hurt is a short, free game about healing everyone. Recommended!

A girl with unruly hair. She wears a slit dress with shorts, gloves, boots, and a cape with a medical cross pin.

Medic (Disgaea 4, originally from Makai Wars)

A cute girl with two pill hair accessories and a nurse cap stands in front of a row of misfit demons standing at a row of desks. The girl is saying ''When Injured, demons are patients too. And it's my duty to take care of patients!''

The healer (Mini Healer)

fantasy-style healer dressed in white robes and holding a winged staff

Assist/Ringmaster Classes (Flyff)

a healer character dressed in a fancy black, white and gold outfit

Greta (ENIGMA)

A short-haired girl in magical-looking robes is collecting herbs in the forest. Next to her is a container she has almost filled up with herbs.

Angela(Muse Dash)

A cute little angel nurse with headwings and a staff with a plus shape at the end. Image text: Angela will reduce 6 damage each time you get hurt.

Nurse (Nexomon)

A smiling nurse holding a high-tech tablet says: But don't worry! I have brought lots of medicine to aid your Nexomon.