earth with a big bandage on itHeal the Planet

I'd like to be more considerate of the environment. This page collects some of my goals/aspirations, as well as reflections and resources which I've personally found useful.

Keep in mind: Everyone has their own circumstances and even a small improvement helps lots more than no improvement. ♡

My Goals/Aspirations

bandage Buy less physical stuff!

bandage Figure out vegetarian meals to eat now and then

bandage Wear warm clothes and use blankets instead of turning the heater way up

bandage Buy used rather than new when possible

bandage Buy digital rather than physical goods

Things I've Discovered so Far

bandage Many useful things can be found at thrift stores, some quite cheap

bandage I can repair my own skirts. My stitching isn't great but there's generally a way to make it work. If it's impossible to make it invisible decorative mending can be worth a shot. Bonus: fixing my own things feels super empowering!

bandage Having a color scheme in mind for my wardrobe simplifies shopping and makes matching my clothes easier. When I look for a more limited range of items less can tempt me.

bandage How recycling is done varies by location! I use a website for my area to check how to handle various types of garbage when I feel unsure.

bandage It's possible to request for the library to buy a book if they don't have it - if you're in luck they may add it to their collection and it can be read by others too

bandage E-book loans are a thing. Check with your local library to see what app they use and how to sign up for e-book loans.


Buying Less

bandage Who is my fantasy self and how do I shut her up?

Prioritization/Staying Realistic

bandage The Lazy Individual's Guide to Reducing Your Environmental Impact
bandage Why I'll Never Be Zero Waste
bandage Start your Ethical Wardrobe Without Spending a Cent

Environmental tips and myth busting

bandage What to buy, and what not to buy
bandage 10 Popular Myths about Eco-Friendly Living
bandage (Video) 10+ Eco Products NOT Worth the Hype or Money