= in progress

= achieved

achieved Eat vegetarian dinner four times a week (current status: 2x most weeks)

in progress Don't buy any new clothes in 2022, unless wardrobe basics table indicates a clear lack


bandage Buy less physical stuff

bandage Buy digital rather than physical

bandage Buy used rather than new

earth with a big bandage on itHeal the Planet

I'd like to be more considerate of the environment. This page collects some of my goals, as well as reflections and resources which I've personally found useful.

Keep in mind: Everyone has their own circumstances and even a small improvement helps lots more than no improvement. ♡


bandage Tasty vegan schnitzels exist.

bandage Lentil tacos have been replaced by lentil bolognese. So satisfying texture-wise.

bandage I'm not great at mending clothes, but I'm able to do enough to extend the lifespan of my favorite skirts.

bandage Setting up a wardrobe basics table makes it much easier to identify what pieces of clothing I actually need and what my ideal wardrobe looks like. I've bought so much less thanks to this.

bandage How recycling is done varies by location! I use a website for my area to check how to handle various types of trash when I feel unsure.

bandage It's possible to request specific books for the local library to buy - they may add it to their collection and it can be read by others too. E-books can also be requested.

bandage E-book loans are a thing.