The word ''minimalism'' outlined with a pink and 
turquoise gradient.

Minimalism doesn't have to be a white room that's nearly empty.

My minimalism is white, pink and bright turquoise because those are colors I adore. My minimalism has room for my beloved video game collection and select books. I didn't declutter my doubles but stored them for when the one I currently have in use breaks.

Minimalism is about simplifying life and keeping the things you love and derive use from. It's not just about possessions but also spending your time in ways that are worthwhile to yourself.

I like minimalism because it means I have to make less choices and it makes life simpler and my space less overwhelming.

Helpful Tricks

Considering where an item's "home" will be before purchasing. If I can't think of a spot that's a strong sign not to purchase.

Keep a wardrobe basics table (this video explains what it is and how to set one up)

Avoid unnecessarily browsing physical and digital stores (still need to work on the digital one but it's getting better)


10 Tips to Eliminate Visual Clutter (video)

Self-Discipline with Minimal Effort (video)

Minimalog 2023

Ramblings about my own progress and things I enjoyed in a given month.


Clearing the past year's minimalog entries at the beginning of the year has become somewhat of a tradition for me at this point. It feels nice.

I occasionally feel like I want to do a big decluttering round, but I think I'm done with that. I think moving forward will be about accepting that I've outgrown certain things and letting them go. I've already done so throughout the past year. It's a strange thing, accepting oneself as ever-changing. But it takes off some pressure as well.