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Minimalism doesn't have to be a white room that's nearly empty.

My minimalism is white, pink and bright turquoise because those are colors I adore. My minimalism has room for my beloved video game collection and a shelf of books that remain important to me. I don't declutter doubles but store them for when the first item breaks.

Minimalism is about simplifying life and keeping the things you love and derive use from.


10 Tips to Eliminate Visual Clutter

Minimalog 2020

Just some ramblings about my own progress and things I enjoyed in a given month.


Started the new year by getting some essentials and stopping by the thrift store to fill a few needs in my closet. Actually found a lot of stuff, though not all pieces worked out in the end. Need to better define my wardrobe goals.

Repaired some small holes in a few of my skirts. It felt really nice to restore clothes I'm fond of!

Enjoyed some nice local nature experiences.


I want to see how little I can spend this year, without depriving myself. I'm not doing a no spend challenge because I know I need replacements for some major stuff that is breaking and I don't want to stress over what rules to set for myself. For my attempt I'll just try to go by what I need and what I love and will use.

I have a bunch of art books on my shelf that I've barely looked at, so I'm going to try to flipping through them once in a while. If I realize that a book isn't bringing me much joy I'll know that I can re-home it.


Got myself a digital manga bundle containing two full series. Finished the first series and enjoyed it, saving the second one for the next time I get in the mood for a long manga read.

Bonus: the books from the bundle don't have DRM. I loathe ebooks with DRM and will never buy one. I want to read on the devices/using the programs I prefer!

I'm working on actually playing the games I own rather than looking up new ones to add to my wish lists.

Not spending on physical items was easy as I was advised not to leave home.


It's been busy so the month went by quickly.

I picked up the You Can Do All Things ebook by Kate Allan. It features encouraging sparkly animals along with some very basic suggestions for different types of distress. I've actually managed to use it in some rough patches.

Also bought some digital songs because I need my alt-idol content. I know I can hear them on Youtube... but it's nice to know they'll be available to me even if the label decides to take the video down eventually, or add region restrictions.

I've been looking through a compilation art book and going to the homepages of the artists, saving the artworks that I liked. It's fun to see how far some of them have come! I think that after I'm done I'll pass the book on to someone who'll appreciate it and just stick with my digital collection.


I want my space to be more organized, but at this point most of my clutter consists of notebooks/sketchbooks/notes to myself.

My wireless mouse finally broke down, but I had a corded one in storage. I originally put that one away because the cord was too short to comfortable use it with a desktop PC, but it works well with my laptop now.

Looks like my next project is reducing visual clutter in my space. This is an issue I've been aware of for some time and I've made the occasional efforts, but I never did a deep dive into it. It'll be a lot to go through but I'm trying to make a list and break it into surfaces/containers so I can go one by one.