The word ''minimalism'' outlined with a pink and 
turquoise gradient.

Minimalism doesn't have to be a white room that's nearly empty.

My minimalism is white, pink and bright turquoise because those are colors I adore. My minimalism has room for my beloved video game collection and select books. I don't declutter doubles but store them for when the first item breaks.

Minimalism is about simplifying life and keeping the things you love and derive use from. It's not just about possessions but also spending your time in ways that are worthwhile to yourself.

Living more simply has brought me the following benefits.


Be More with Less (blog about minimalism and self-care)

10 Tips to Eliminate Visual Clutter (video)

Self-Discipline with Minimal Effort (video)

Minimalog 2021

Ramblings about my own progress and things I enjoyed in a given month.


I have a lot less than I used to but my space still feels busy. My ideal is to have a spot for everything I use, where it looks in place and not visually cluttering. From now on I'll prioritize in this order: tidy, organize, declutter.


Slowly trying to clean up digital files and only keep what I get actual use from.


My digital files feel like my next thing to tackle. They're so overwhelming and going through them is exhausting, but I'll try to do it in small bursts. A little at a time.


Doing a no clothes shopping challenge this year. My wardrobe is still well stocked so I don't expect this to be that difficult.

I started picking out my clothes for one week ahead. So far I'm liking it. No more scrambling on tired evenings.