Benefits of minimalism

This is just a list of what I've personally found to be beneficial side effects of working on taking a minimalist approach to my living space. Everyone has their own preferences and views are bound to differ. That's natural and okay!

  • Having less things around helps lower my stress
    (though I'm still working toward less as I don't feel I've hit my optimal balance yet)

  • Less things = easier cleaning

  • I'm more appreciative of the items I do own

  • I've gained more clarity about what I value and want in my space

  • I find myself wishing for new stuff less often

  • I'm less inclined to hang on to items "just in case"
    (that being said, I usually keep everything I decide to part with in a box for several months to be sure of my decision - this is purely personal preference but I find it very helpful to put me at ease, and I've found myself changing my mind and retrieving the occasional item)

  • Almost every item has its place which is comforting to me in itself, and it simplifies retrieving/putting things away

  • My wardrobe is easier to navigate due to being smaller, and coordinating outfits is easier as I've decided to focus on a few main colors that I love

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