NurseDun x2

Cladun x2 and Cladun Returns: This is Sengoku! nurse character customizations. Cladun x2 versions are on the left and Cladun Returns versions on the right.

The cast:


Personality: Calm and gentle-hearted, Clarice prefers to support her allies from the sidelines. However, if there is a path her teammates can't break through she'll join the fight with her oversized syringes.

Weapon: Syringe


Personality: Luna puts the health on her teammates and the hurt on her enemies with her heal staff. However, she has a weak constitution and is easily knocked out.

Weapon: Heal Staff


Personality: Cautious by nature, Lily prefers to poke her enemies from afar. She started out using scissors but later found that a scalpel serves her better in battle. She has begun to dabble in magic to be able to better fight at a distance but still has much to learn. Additionally, she swapped her glasses for contacts and now bleaches her hair.

Weapon: Scissors (x2), Scalpel (Returns)


Personality: Not a person of many words, Elaine is often found training for battle. She boldly faces challenges that her teammates feel uneasy about. After her previous adventure she decided that throwing one big pill rather than many small ones is the way to go.

Weapon: Pill Bottle (throwing pills) (x2), Big pill (thrown) (Returns)


Personality: A true penny-pincher, Stacy is always looking for ways to make the team's journey as cost-effective as possible. She was initially using blood samples to fight but as she's become a more able fighter she has switched to a butterfly needle.

Weapon: Blood Sample (x2), Butterfly Needle (Returns)


Personality: Resilient but indecisive. After serving as the team's tank in their former adventure Cindy is now on a quest to hone her speed to the max. However, learning to control her abilities is a time-consuming process. Her new weapon is a latex glove filled with only she knows what.

Weapon: IV Bag (x2), Latex Glove with Mystery Filling (Returns)


Personality: Isabella's priorities are simple. 1. Look good. 2. Help people while doing it. After her first adventure she did some training to be an anesthetic nurse, and she now fights her enemies by pelting them with pellets of CO2 absorbent.

Weapon: Bandages (thrown) (x2), CO2 Asorbent Pellets (thrown) (Returns)


Personality: Previously an agile speedster who would fight up and close, Violet has decided that it's time to take a step back and fling disposable laryngoscopes at her enemies instead. With the support of her teammates she packs a punch.

Weapon: Digital Thermometer (x2), Disposable Laryngoscope - Miller Blade (thrown) (Returns)


Personality: If there's a problem Marcia is there to take care of it. Fiercely reliable and determined, her teammates occasionally have to tell her to slow down so she doesn't burn herself out. Has a newfound fondness for reusable laryngoscopes. Hey, they're good for the environment!

Weapon: Analog Thermometer (x2), Laryngoscope - Macintosh Blade (Returns)


Personality: A bit of a mystery, Allie helps the team without revealing much about herself. She seems to enjoy their company, though no one can be quite sure of what she's actually thinking. Her Asclepius staff speaks of her devotion to medicine.

Weapon: Asclepius staff (Returns)