Game Boy/Game Boy Color

Pokemon TCG

The very first game I ever owned. I quickly cleared it but kept playing until I had collected all the cards that I could. I spent years hoping for another Pokemon TCG game to be released in the west. I know there's Pokemon TCG online and other options now, but I'm a weirdo who prefers to play against the AI.

Pokemon Yellow

My favorite feature of this game was that you could talk to Pikachu. It was the cutest thing. The glitch that actually allowed you to catch Mew was a lot of fun as well. That being said, I always enjoyed reading the extremely elaborate fake descriptions of how to catch Mew in Red and Blue.

Yellow also has the bonus of an adorable intro:

Pokemon Silver

I wasn't too invested in the legendaries of the previous generation, but Lugia instantly won me over. I was pumped to get far enough in the game to add it to my team.

Finding out that it was possible to travel to Kanto was so exciting! Revisiting the region was great fun.

To my younger self, the radio was a very exciting feature. I used that thing a lot and was so pleased with it.

I also adored the beginning of the intro, it both looked peaceful and conveyed a sense of adventure to me. Lugia struck me as extremely elegant on the title screen, making me even more excited about encountering it later in the game.

Game Boy Advance

Pokemon Sapphire

I had a lot of fun with Sapphire's secret bases as well as the Pokemon contests. It was really fun to have a competitive feature that wasn't centered around the normal battle system. I just wish it'd have been easier to reach the out-of-the-way secret bases because that could be a major pain.

Exploring underwater with dive was also very exciting at the time.

Favorite Location: Mt. Pyre


Pokemon Diamond

To be added

Pokemon Black

To be added

Pokemon White 2

I really want to replay this game someday! It had a lot of really interesting locations.


Pokemon X

I played this game a lot compared to the previous ones! The region had a lot of cute and enjoyable touches to it, and being able to dress up the trainer was super exciting.

Pokemon Sun

My playtime on this one was notably lower than X and most of the other entries, but it certainly was a fun ride that surprised me at several points. My favorite location was Mount Lanakila, so majestic. That being said the game features a lot of enjoyable locations.


Pokemon teams created according to various concepts. The picks are made based off Pokedex entries and I try to keep comments in line with those (some speculation occurs).

Sun/Moon Anesthesia Team

Concept: A Pokemon team that could conceivably be used to render anesthesia care.

  • Blissey - essential assistant
  • Oricorio (Pompoms) - helps cheer up nervous patients, but can also aid in testing nerve potentials and determining recovery from muscle relaxing agents
  • Scolipede - while its poison is deadly, it can be applied therapeutically in small amounts, can also paralyze a patient when muscle relaxation is necessary
  • Shiinotic - puts patients to sleep with its spores
  • Alomomola - its healing powers come in handy for emergencies
  • Comfey - its aroma may help to calm nervous patients, and its healing abilities are helpful for lesser injuries
  • Halloween Team

    Concept: A Halloween team where half the Pokemon are dedicated to "trick" and the other half to "treat".

  • Misdreavus - its prankster nature goes well with "trick"
  • Whimsicott - as a prankster who likes to sneak into houses and move furniture and hide things it's a natural member of the "trick" team.
  • Rotom - Final member of the "trick" team. Its ability to engage in digital mischief seems perfect in this age of everyone having a phone.
  • Ribombee - Creates highly nutritious pollen puffs. While the Pokedex entries say nothing on this I'm assuming that it's also capable of making a sweet-tasting variety, thus earning it a place on the "treat" team.
  • Delibird - Always carrries food, thus suited for the "treat" team.
  • Togetic - Shares its happiness with kindhearted people. Though it's less physical than candy, happiness seems like a very special treat. Belongs to the "treat" team.
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