Change! Translation


Hold your breath

The clock hands

They’re standing, you see

They hold prisoner

Time that has passed

And the time, that is left for us

In our world

And what we wish for, what we hold in our hearts

What each of us learns, on painful roads

We strongly hold on to the memory we possess

And so we hope for this life, that separates nothing


While time elapses we also continue to grow.

Until a new day begins,

On which a different place awaits us.

If I halt my time,

Completely on my own,

Can I influence it then?

Can I create a new “me” for myself?

A better me? A me that is more worthy of love?

Or… can I also do that while my time is running?

”Can I free myself then?”



Thoughts within you

That only lead you astray

To always feel pain

So start over again

And believe in yourself

In your true “I”

You’re so close to it


I bestow upon you courage and strength, that everyone around you smiles

To walk this path together with you

And so we don’t halt time any longer,

On this new day face your fear again

Try your luck and don’t look back

Stay in the now, experiencing the present, break the chains that bind you

Turn your back on loneliness

Because the one who can change the world is you!