Vocaloid Shrine

The Scream that Captivated the World

Like many others my first real interest in Vocaloid started when Supercell's Koi wa Sensou (Love is War) was making the rounds. I was vaguely aware of the existence of Vocaloid before that point, but it hadn't piqued my interest. Then I listened to the song and Miku's scream instantly won me over.

I can't seem to find an upload of Love is War that is not a reprint, so in lack of that I've linked Livetune's future retro remix of the song below. It retains the scream fairly well, save for tweaking the end of it:

Linked below is Crusher-P's excellent remix of the song that retains more of the original's tone than the Livetune remix. The way Teto performs the scream is close to the original. (Note: Kasane Teto is an UTAUloid, not a Vocaloid.)

The Darker Side of Vocaloid

When I first began listening to Vocaloid songs my Japanese knowledge was limited to basic anime phrases. The PVs could sometimes clue me in as to what was happening in the song but I was often lost. Subbed songs were a treat to find, though low-quality translations based off output from machine translators were widespread.

I eventually saw people talk about how twisted the lyrics to certain popular songs were and looked into some of them. While I knew that there were some racier songs out there I was surprised to find that some of the popular songs actually concerned fairly extreme topics. I like to think that most Vocaloid fans have had their "whoa" moment.

While I wasn't aware of it in this phase, it's also interesting to note that there are a lot of Vocaloid songs that contain themes that could be classed as menhera.

The Growth of Vocaloid

It was with interest that I saw virtual diva live concerts as well as Vocaloid video games come into being. For anyone who wonders how a virtual idol can hold a concert, see the video below.

Of course, following the explosive popularity of Hatsune Miku were figurines. By now a lot of figurines have been made based on the character designs for Miku and other Vocaloids that are featured in popular Vocaloid songs. Well known to most Vocaloid fans is the line of gorgeous Snow Miku figurines, for which a new design is created every year.

MV featuring Snow Miku 2020:

MV featuring Snow Miku 2017:

New Vocaloids keep being released, as well as upgraded versions of the original Vocaloids. Music from many Vocaloid producers is now available on online music stores and streaming services around the world. Several of the Vocaloid rhythm games have seen international releases.

If there were a right time to be getting into Vocaloid it would be now, with the plethora of media available.


Favorite Vocaloids

All videos linked on this page are either uploaded by the original creator, or someone who was granted permission to upload on their behalf.

Megpoid Gumi

Out of all Vocaloids I find that Gumi is the easiest for me to listen to on "default". What I mean by this is that her voicebank sounds okay to me without as much fancy tuning as other Vocaloids. It's probably less noticeable now than it used to be, with better Vocaloid technology in general.

She actually got her own game on the PSP, but I don't think it ever saw an international release.

Some songs featuring Gumi:

Otomachi Una

I adore how she sounds, particularly the spicy voicebank in the way Takeaki Wada uses it.

Song featuring Una (cw self-deprecation):


Project Diva Desu!

Hatsune Miku wearing a cute white and orange dress. The backdrop is a concert stage with a laser show going on.

Like many others, I was intrigued when I first found out that Vocaloid rhythm games were a thing. I considered importing the PSP games, but ended up not doing so. The first Project Diva title I actually owned was Project Diva f when it was released in the west. I greatly enjoyed it, and there are so many cute modules! Project Diva f 2nd and X followed, providing even more goodness.

Miku and Luka with angel wings, creating a heart shape with their hands together. They both look peaceful.

I can be your angle...

Miku has messy hair and is striking a pose behind Luka who looks completely overwhelmed.

...or yuor devil.

I still adore the games and am excited about Project Diva Mega 39's for Switch (the 39 is a cute pun, in Japanese three and nine are read as san and kyuu respectively, so together you can read this as "sankyuu" = Japanese way of saying the English phrase "Thank you"). Crossing my fingers for a western release!

Hatsune Miku, wearing a pink school uniform sweater and catching a cherry blossom petal in her hand. Rows of cherry trees are blooming in the background. Text reads: chiisana hanabira da to shitemo Hatsune Miku wearing the same outfit as in the previous image and lifting her arms toward the sky. Text reads: bokura wa hitori janai

Favorite Songs in Project Diva f

  • Cat Food (doriko)
  • What Do You Mean!? (Kuchibashi-P)
  • Remote Control (WonderfulOpportunity)
  • Nostalogic (Yuukiss)
  • Favorite Songs in Project Diva f 2nd

  • Meltdown (iroha (sasaki))
  • Clover Club (Yuuyu-P)
  • This is the Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee (Utata-P)
  • Break it! Break it! (ELVN)
  • Favorite Songs in Project Diva X

  • Patchwork Staccato (Toa)
  • Love Trial (40mP)
  • Solitary Envy (Denpol-P)
  • Ai Dee (Mitchie M)
  • Satisfaction (kz)

  • Hatsune Miku is wearing a cute frilly dress. The backdrop is a courtroom, but there are pink hearts floating in the air.

    Favorite Modules

    Hatsune Miku wearing a frilly white and orange-striped dress with a big blue ribbon attached to the back. She is standing on a futuristic concert stage. Megurine Luka wearing a futuristic outfit in bold colors. Hatsune Miku is wearing a pink school uniform, and her hair is tied into a ponytail with a pink ribbon. She is standing in a classroom, holding a phone. Megurine Luka wearing an elegant blue frilly dress, as well as an eye patch. The backdrop is a chapel and there are hearts floating in the air.

    More to be added later. ★


    Song Favorites from a Rough Patch

    These are songs I found helpful for coping going through a difficult time.
    All videos linked here are uploaded by the original creator.

    Caution, applies to all songs linked below: Negative lyrics, heavy themes



    Favorite lines:

    "Something Isn't right!!

    My enemy's invisible, I don't know how to fight

    The trembling fear is more than I can take"

    Ghost Rule

    TW: negative self-worth, potentially implied suicide

    Favorite lines:


    Boku to wakatte mo

    Mou dakishimenakute iin da yo"

    Shiawase ni nareru kakushi komando ga aru rashii
    (it seems there's a hidden cheat code for happiness)

    TW: Implied suicide at the end of the video

    Favorite lines:

    "Mucha buri janai ka fukanou kanou

    Tonikaku yarette meirei bakari

    Naseba narutte seishin roon

    Mainasu bakari tamatte

    Baka baka baka"


    Song Faves

    All videos linked here are either uploaded by the original creator, or by someone who was granted permission to upload on their behalf.

    Kyou mo harebare (today is another cheerful day) - FuwariP ft. Gumi


    Trilingual Miku!

    Aquila - Electrocutica ft. Rin

    More to be added later. ♫