Update Log 🍃

Most recent changes to the site are listed first.


030819: Added decor page, added a link on the waiting room page. Added one new song to the soothing music page, changed color of the soundcloud widgets.

110219: Cropped some images on the fashion center page that were showing a lot of empty background, and added one new image. Removed one link from recommendations. Added one new link to the environment page.

110219: Added a new section and image to the fashion center page.

280119: Video gaming tidbits page added, not yet linked through any other page.

110119: Medical stuff page added, not yet linked through any other page. Return link added to faves page. Slightly edited the text on the soothing music page.

080119: Added one item to self-care faves on the blanket fort page. Environment page created, not yet linked through any other page.

020119: Added a few new items to faves, along with youtube links for my favorite artists.

311218: Soothing music page added, link to page added under blanket fort. Fashion center page added, link added under waiting room.

301218: Redesigned site layout. Update log, profile pictures, spouses, creature raising, and sitemap pages added. Front page text updated. New links added to recommendations page. Quiz section deleted.