Coping Toolbox

My collection of various coping techniques.

What works is going to be different for everyone. Intended as a personal reference/source of inspiration.

Feel free to go ahead and build your own coping toolbox!

Relaxation and Safe Place

Find a calm spot. Try to relax your muscles and breathe more deeply than usual.

Imagine a place where you feel safe and enjoy being. It can be real or imagined.

Muscle Relaxation

Tense a group of muscles for 5 seconds, then let go and relax. Work your way through the different muscle groups.

Controlled Breathing

Breathe slowly in through the nose. Hold your breath for five seconds. Reassure yourself as you calmly breathe out.

Physical Activity

Getting active can sometimes be an outlet for negative emotion. Go for a walk or a run, swim, dance, etc.

Engage the Senses

Smell something with an enjoyable scent, eat something with a nice taste, touch an object with a pleasant texture, etc.

Plan Activities

Write down activities to do to during the day. I like using timeslots of 45 minutes + 15 minute break (during which I'm supposed to move).

The Sparkly Animal Book

Actual title: You Can Do All Things (author: Kate Allan)

The book has chapters for different types of negative emotions, containing illustrations of sparkly animals that tell you encouraging things. The end of each chapter suggests a few very simple actions to try.


Do something that will take up as much focus as possible, be that reading a story, playing a demanding game, listening to a podcast, etc.