Self Care Ideas

Just a list of various self care ideas.

Not all of these may necessarily be self care to you,
but part of the beauty of the concept of self care is that it's very individual and everyone gets to decide on their own version.

a lit candle
  1. Write out a list of some things you like to do and then do at least one
  2. Prepare a nice hot meal
  3. Build a blanket fort
  4. Improve a section on your webpage and make it look pleasing
  5. Light a scented candle
  6. Listen to a soothing album or nature sounds
  7. Cuddle with a stuffed animal
  8. Have a shower or take a bath
  9. Reset/clear your immediate area to make it nicer to exist in
  10. Dance to some favorite music
  11. papercraft bunny
  12. Create a small zine about what you're thinking or feeling
  13. Do some simple papercraft, maybe create several of the same one
  14. Unplug, be unavailable to people for an hour or two
  15. Reread/rewatch a piece of media that soothes or inspires you
  16. Dress up! Pick out a nice outfit for right now or the coming day.
  17. Doodle and see what comes to mind, don't set expectations
  18. Play a cute game
  19. Look at art
  20. Let a friend know how much you appreciate them
  21. Make a collage
  22. a collage containing flowers and text
  23. Look around, are you putting off any chores that take less than 15 minutes to do? Do them.
  24. Go for a walk, even if it's just a short one
  25. Watch the clouds and see if you can spot any that have an interesting shape
  26. Do some stretches
  27. Revisit old favorites, be it books, movies, music, games, etc
  28. Place some seasonally appropriate decorations and arrange them nicely
  29. Look out the window and observe the sky and/or the scenery
  30. Create aesthetic edits or moodboards