Uplifting Shows + Videos


The Worst Witch (1998 TV series)

Mildred Hubble is a clumsy witch with a talent for getting into trouble, but also for occassionally saving the day. The episodes generally contain a good dose of heart and aren't too stressful for the most part.

Restaurants on the Edge

It's yet another save-the-failing-restaurant show, but it emphasizes the potential of the owners as well as connecting them to the local community, and shows off some gorgeous views.

Youtube Channels + Videos

Anna Film Production

Gorgeous video tours of various places in Japan, set to calm music. The camera is very steady, almost like gliding - great for people who easily get motion sickness.


Calm and soothing vlogs of a Tokyo-based freelance illustrator.

Note: Many of Lovesoup's videos have commentary via subtitles and only music/ambient sounds for audio.

Eva zu Beck

Lovely travel videos that are typically presented with lots of upbeatness and curiosity and show off the beauty of the world. Here's one where she swims with dolphins and her genuine happiness at seeing them is beautiful.

George to the Rescue

Surprise renovations for families facing various challenges.

Molly Burke's mermaid swimming videos

Molly takes a mermaid swimming class
Mermaid swimming in the ocean

Animals being cute + adorable animations

Pet owl loves Rowlet plush
Cute cat characters in a marching band
Cats and domino
Actual Skatebird
Tiny goats visit river otters