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Neat stuff around the web:


gauze roll Lighthouse - Explains how to use the Lighthouse tool built into Google Chrome to check webpage performance in areas like accessibility and speed.


gauze roll Piskel - online sprite editor, also has downloadable offline version for computers

gauze roll 10 Imagination/Creativity Exercises

gauze roll Guide to playing tabletop RPGs solo


gauze roll Greater Good Magazine - Articles relating to happiness and compassion

gauze roll - Movement dedicated to creating a happier, kinder world

gauze roll - Nonprofit dedicated to creating a kinder world - website also suggests acts of kindness

gauze roll - Daily giving challenge. Also shows members' "gives" to draw inspiration from.

gauze roll - Nonprofit that promotes kindness. Among other things they put out daily/monthly kindness newsletters.


gauze roll Lafary - Note: site mainly in japanese! Contains articles on kawaii culture, kawaii events, how-tos, and more.

gauze roll Cora Maria's Blog - A blog about trying to be more sustainable while into alternative fashion.


gauze roll Neoncity Records - Label for future funk and related genres. Offers many pay-what-you-want releases.

gauze roll PokeTube Megamix - Pokemon remix compilations. All releases are pay-what-you-want.

Virtual Travel

gauze roll Map Crunch - Explore street views around the world